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I first saw Ingrid Uys’ work in 2015 when my gallery assistant alerted me to a few of her artworks online. I was astounded at the visual beauty and the quality of the work of such a fairly unknown artist. A few weeks later, Ingrid visited the gallery and tentatively asked me if I would be interested in exhibiting her work. I was over the moon. Her work was included in a few of our group exhibitions, and before long we were planning her debut solo exhibition “This Fleeting Forever” in March 2016. This groundbreaking exhibition forged our relationship and since that time, Ingrid has participated in various group exhibitions at Halifax Art, which later moved to Mpumalanga as the White River Gallery. The Gallery also had the honour of representing Ingrid at the Turbine Art Fair in 2018 and 2019, and online in 2020. In 2019, the gallery featured her work at Design Jhb at the Sandton Convention Centre in Jhb. 

Ingrid’s art in our gallery and at Fairs has always drawn significant attention. Understandably, her artwork appeals to a diverse audience of all ages and denominations. Her subtle and sensitive use of colour and composition, is explored through her preferred subject matter of birds in flight, as well as plant matter such as blossoms. Ingrid’s work draws our most frequent enquiries. Her paintings never fail to capture our viewer’s attention, inevitably, it will be Ingrid’s art that our visitors return to see, and most often, to purchase.

Ingrid’s childhood was characterised by a few moves to a host of small towns, thus the concept of movement, migration, and flight is central to her theme.   This sense of childhood impermanence stands in contrast to her ability to capture permanence in her artworks – the fleeting moment – rendering the delicate detail of a swallow wing in flight, or the expression of a mesmerising hummingbird eye  – her birds in flight pay homage to the value of a few seconds.  

Ingrid’s mediums range from drawings in charcoal, and mixed media to oil painting, most notably on canvas, although often rendered on paper. Her love for, and fine ability to draw is evident, with solid foundations laid through the guidance of Diane Victor, Ingrid’s university lecturer and one of South Africa’s foremost artists. Ingrid hopes to explore the technique of printmaking in 2020, thus adding to an already well-honed set of artistic skill.  

It is always a pleasure to work with Ingrid. Her professional manner reinforces her serious commitment to her art.  Over the years our relationship has evolved into a partnership, as Ingrid’s practice and our gallery have grown in stature together. We have a strong sense of mutual co-operation, trust and Ubuntu – the idea of “I am because you are” underlies our interaction. Over and above that, we are able to have a good laugh together!  I have deep value for this partnership. 

In 2020, Ingrid will participate in a group exhibition “Diaspora” at the White River Gallery in Sept, and we plan to host Ingrid’s next solo exhibition in November.    

Our goal is to create awareness around Ingrid’s work in the Cape, through the Cape Town Art Fair in 2021. Latitudes Art Fair is also on our radar! It has been so rewarding to see Ingrid grow in maturity and stature over the last 5 years, but I believe the best is yet to come.  I look forward to witnessing Ingrid’s work grow in the many years ahead.  


Dana MacFarlane

White River Gallery, May 2020.

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